Project Review Submission


To maintain a safe and attractive nature in Wycliff, the original developer placed certain restrictions on the land. When each of the homeowners in Wycliff purchases a home, there are certain restrictive covenants attached to the land. The restrictive covenants do not terminate or move with the homeowners when the home is subsequently sold.

These restrictive covenants are contractual promises to use the land and home in a manner that will benefit all the homes in the subdivision. The benefit is the consistency and quality of the homes, which is designed to maintain an atmosphere of safety and quality. With the same covenants attached to each member lot in Wycliff, these goals of are more easily achieved.

The Wycliff Homes Association (Association) Board of Directors (Board) has developed a project review process for homeowners to provide a consistent method of supporting the covenants. This policy does not add, replace or eliminate any of the Restrictions. This policy provides clarification and decision consistency to the Declaration of Restrictions (Restrictions) and Homes Association Declarations (Declarations) of the Community. This process is one of the primary tools the Board utilizes to preserve, promote and enhance the guidelines of our covenants.

Copies of the Declarations of Restrictions are available on the Association’s website at Official copies of Restrictions or Declarations are also available from Johnson County Register of Deeds.

A four-member Architectural Review Committee (ARC) has been developed to review all homeowner requests for residence improvement and provide approval recommendation to the Board. This ARC is comprised of three current Board members, and one past Board President. The committee is chaired by the Restrictions chairperson. Members of the committee are appointed annually by the Board.

The Architectural Review Guidelines document is designed to assist the homeowner perform the procedures to be followed with all improvement applications as required by the Restrictions and Declarations documents. If you question whether a residence improvement project falls under these procedures, please contact the Restrictions chairperson or any member of the Board.

Purpose of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC):
The ARC shall evaluate any changes external design, appearance and location of the properties and of improvements therein in such a manner as:
  • To review applicant requests for compliance with the Declarations of Restrictions.
  • To address all applicant requests in a timely manner.
  • Perform the review process in a consistent manner.
  • Foster the attractiveness and functional utility of the community as a desirable place to live, including a harmonious relationship among structures, vegetation and topography.
  • Promote qualities in the community that bring value to the properties.
  • Provide change recommendations to homeowner’s applications for any changes to a homeowner’s request to comply with the Declaration of Restrictions.
  • Provide recommendation to the Board for approval, modification or denial of homeowner proposal requests.
  • Inspect the completed work to ensure it confirms with the approved proposal.
  • Provide recommendation to the Board for modification to the Architectural Review Guidelines.

Overview of what must receive approval:
The homeowner must submit to the ARC for review any structural or design changes before the work has commenced and obtain written approval from the neighbors whose property borders their property on proposed projects. This will help maintain good neighbor relations and can prevent costly post construction alterations. Some of the projects requiring ARC review are listed below. However, most construction, improvements and alterations are subject to review and approval by the ARC.

The following items are subject to ARC approval prior to commencing the work:
  • Fences
  • Exterior structures
  • Roofing
  • Alternative energy structures such as solar panels and wind generators
  • Animal pens/enclosures
  • Outbuildings
  •  Additions or Changes to the exterior of the residence

How to Obtain ARC Approval:
To assist homeowners with the review and approval process, the Board has developed a Project Review Form.

How to Request Approval:
Please complete the form on this site, or mail the completed request forms to;

Wycliff Homes Association
P.O. Box 13186
Overland Park, Kansas 66212-3186

Or Please attach or scan the completed documentation and email the forms to [email protected].

If you should have any questions, please contact any member of the Wycliff Board of Directors or send an email to [email protected]. Thank you.